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New Romantic Korean Drama To Watch In (June) 2024

Korean dramas keep on fascinating their audience by lovable romantic narratives as we proceed deeper into 2024. This year’s lineup comprises a combination of fantasies, comedies, dramas, and mysteries. Here are some must-watch romantic Korean dramas for the year from timeless love stories to supernatural romances with a twist:

  1. Lovely Runner (2024): The Lovely Runner is a South Korean romantic comedy-fantasy series that traces the life of high-class celebrity Ryu Seon Jae and his passionate fan, Im Sol. Fifteen years back in time after the tragic death of Ryu, Im Sol is mysteriously brought back to meet his 19-year old self with an aim of changing his future. It has got ratings of 8.9 on IMDb and a 9.3 on MyDramaList.
  2. Queen of Tears (2024): Queen of Tears is South Korean Romantic Comedy Drama about Baek Hyun Woo, Legal Manager at Queens Group, and Hong Hae In, an heiress from conglomerate’s department stores. This show humorously tells a tale of their love story as they face marital crisis only to come out stronger than ever before together. It stands at 8.3 rating on IMDb and 8.8 on MyDramaList.
  3. Marry My Husband (2024): Marry My Husband is a South Korean romantic comedy fantasy drama where terminally ill Kang Ji-won is sent back in time to 2013, using her knowledge to exact revenge on her cheating husband and best friend. A blend of humor and fantasy have made this show quite popular resulting in high ratings on IMDB as well as MyDramaList.
  4. My Demon (2023): My Demon is a Hit 2024 South Korean romantic comedy fantasy drama. The cynical heiress Do Do Hee enters into a contract marriage with a demon named Jung Gu Won, who loses his powers after falling in love with her. He now has to protect her to save himself from becoming extinct. This is because it has an amazing story line and a high rating on both IMDB and MyDramaList.
  5. Doctor Slump (2024): Doctor Slump is a warm-hearted South Korean medical drama where the top plastic surgeon Yeo Jeong Woo and extraordinary anesthetist Nam Ha Neul find solace in each other during hard times, leading to their own passionate romance as they work through difficult issues within their highly pressured medical careers. It’s scored at 7.7 on IMDB and even better, 8.3 on MyDramaList, making it one of the best stories that touch audience hearts due to its moving storyline along with characters that we can relate with.
  6. The Atypical Family (2024): The Atypical Family is a South Korean romance fantasy drama about modern-day problems like depression, insomnia, smartphone addiction faced by supernatural families. With newcomer Do Da Hae in their lives comes change and hope. People have rated it 7 out of ten stars on IMDb and 8 out of ten stars at MyDramaList for its unique plotline as well as character growth.
  7. Hierarchy (2024): Hierarchy is a South Korean TV drama blending thriller, mystery, romance and youth. It takes place at the prestigious Jooshin High School where elite students from influential families clash with Kang Ha—a new transfer student whose appearance disrupts everything the school represents. For viewers who love high-end dramas full of suspense.
  8. The Midnight Studio (2024): The Midnight Studio is a South Korean romantic fantasy drama about Seo Ki Joo, a photographer who runs a photo studio for ghosts. Together with fearless Attorney Han Bom and the other eccentric staffs, they engage in photo shoots while working through an unusual partnership. With supernatural aspects that are genuinely depicted, the series also has love storylines to make it more intriguing.
  9. Missing Crown Prince (2024): The missing crown prince is a Korean historical rom-com drama which tells the love journey amidst turmoil due to unintentional kidnapping by her family of a Crown Prince engaged with Fiancee’s Family.
  10. Wedding Impossible (2024): In Wedding Impossible, Na Ah Jeong who is a minor character in the film pretends to be the wife of her friend Lee Do Han merely for purposes of relieving her family’s pressures. This is made worse when Han’s ambitious brother, Lee Ji Han comes up with a plan to ruin their marriage and brings Yoon Chae Won as his potential bride.

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2024 is seeing a further move into the world of Korean dramas that have continued to be irresistible to many people across the globe through their captivating stories of romance. In this year’s line up, there is something for everyone including fantasy, comedy, drama and mystery. For love tales that pass over time or romances with a touch of magic here are some recommended romantic Korean dramas for this year.

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